Hugh Herr at the MIT media lab

Hugh Herr Wants to Build a More Perfect Human

Computer scientist, mechanical engineer, and biophysicist Hugh Herr and his team create superior prosthetics that respond to subtle neural commands. A double amputee himself, Herr benefits from the improved functionality and fit while improving the lives and outlook of others around the world.

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Frances Hesselbein’s Merit Badge in Leadership

As CEO of The Girl Scouts, Frances Hesselbein transformed the organization from a venerable but relatively staid institution promoting civic and homemaking skills into a vibrant, diverse one that emphasizes leadership, science, technology, and math. Who does she credit with her inspiration? Peter Drucker.

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Charles Landry Knows What Makes Cities Great: Distinction, Variety, and Flow

Consultant, writer, and thinker Charles Landry has spent his life considering exactly what drives talented people to a particular city or region. As founder of Comedia, Landry works clients worldwide to identify and build support systems that are effective in attracting the best workers.

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The Dance of Power

Is leadership an art or a science? The question has long been subject to debate. Which side you’re on probably determines whether or not you believe leadership can be taught. But for developing leaders who can respond to the challenges of today’s 24/7 business environment, perhaps the art-versus-science dichotomy is too theoretical to be of use.

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Masters of the Breakthrough Moment

In a conference room in Columbia, Md., 78-year-old Edith Seashore sits among 24 young men and women, about half of them U.S. Navy officers or civilian employees working for the Navy. The group, seated in a circle, has come together for a course called “Working with Differences.” Ostensibly focused on diversity, the session is really set up to teach people how to confront the unspoken conflicts, fears, and resentments that make life in organizations painful and unproductive. And as if on cue, right off the bat, two of the participants have gotten into a dispute.

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