Hugh Herr at the MIT media lab

Hugh Herr Wants to Build a More Perfect Human

Computer scientist, mechanical engineer, and biophysicist Hugh Herr and his team create superior prosthetics that respond to subtle neural commands. A double amputee himself, Herr benefits from the improved functionality and fit while improving the lives and outlook of others around the world.

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Younger and Wiser

When Paul Smurl left his job as Attorney and Management Consultant to become president and COO of Some Spider, he knew he’d need to acquire new skills and a new way to look at things. A mentor about half his age seemed like the answer. Here he describes his successful and fulfilling experience finding and building a relationship with Kareem Rahma.

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At Most Tech Firms, the C-Suite is Still a Boy’s Club

Many organizations are devoting more resources to attracting and retaining women with leadership potential. Then why are we seeing many of these women leave prematurely, step off the leadership track, and not progress as quickly or high as was hoped?

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Charles Landry Knows What Makes Cities Great: Distinction, Variety, and Flow

Consultant, writer, and thinker Charles Landry has spent his life considering exactly what drives talented people to a particular city or region. As founder of Comedia, Landry works clients worldwide to identify and build support systems that are effective in attracting the best workers.

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