The evolution of women’s leadership

Strategy+Business offered me the opportunity to write a major article, reflecting on what I’ve witnessed and learned in 30 years observing and working with women leaders and what I see going forward.

How Women Rise Discussion Guide

You’re welcome to use this free discussion guide for How Women Rise in your organization or book group. Which habits or behaviors described in the book do you believe apply to you? How did reading about them strengthen your awareness of how they affect you? What experiences in your life or work may have shaped … Read more

Helping Women Leaders Plot their Next Career Move

In the fall of 2017, twenty senior women gathered for a weekend retreat in Manhattan to discuss their upcoming career transitions. Several had worked for the government, others were from the private sector. All had just retired or were planning to do so. Eager to put their lifetime of skills to work, they had come together for a program called Mission: Getting to Next (MGTN).

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Frances Hesselbein’s Merit Badge in Leadership

As CEO of The Girl Scouts, Frances Hesselbein transformed the organization from a venerable but relatively staid institution promoting civic and homemaking skills into a vibrant, diverse one that emphasizes leadership, science, technology, and math. Who does she credit with her inspiration? Peter Drucker.

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