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Visionary, Connected, Intentional & Present:
A Workshop for Women Leaders

For women’s leadership conferences and events

In this seminar or workshop, Sally offers sallywebphoto01_medium copyconcrete, actionable practices for women seeking to position themselves for the next level of leadership, strengthen their professional reputation, showcase their talents, increase their capacity to contribute to their organizations and diminish stress.

Sally’s work with women leaders around the world has demonstrated that women who sustain power and influence share four characteristics. They are visionary, connected, intentional and present.

To be visionary means to concisely articulate a distinctive vision, passion, point of view or commitment based on what you authentically notice and to manifest it as part of your personal brand

To be connected means to confidently leverage internal and external networks in order to enlist support for your vision, based on the recognition that its benefits will be both worthwhile and reciprocal

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Tapping the Power of The Female Vision

A keynote for women’s conferences, retreats and events

Women’s distinctive vision— the power of what they notice, what they value, how they connect the dots–  offers a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace. Yet because women’s ways of seeing have not been recognized or understood, women’s potential to make strategic contributions is rarely fully engaged.

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Leading from the Center of the Web

A program for senior leaders

In this seminar, which can be delivered as a keynote or expanded into a workshop, Sally demonstrates why today’s VUCA environment– volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous– requires leaders who can leverage the power of inclusive webs.

Drawing on her influential research for The Web of Inclusion and Thriving in 24/7, as well as work in sectors ranging from security to energy, technology, financial services, health care and the law, Sally shows how three key trends are transforming organizations in the global marketplace, identifies the four essential skills that leaders must cultivate in order to fully engage talent in the new environment and shares actionable practices for developing these skills.

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Leading in 24/7

For strategic leadership conferences

The forces driving today’s volatile, complex, and highly pressured 24/7 global marketplace are upending what is required of leaders. changing the requirements of leadership. She presents a comprehensive picture of the forces driving this change and offers actionable ways that participants can use to position their organizations for expanded influence and market success.

In this seminar, Sally shows how Drawing on work in sectors ranging from military security to energy innovation, and on case studies for The Web of Inclusion and Thriving in 24/7, Sally shows how five intersecting trends are transforming organizations and helps leaders understand how to act on these insights.
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Fast Forwarding The Female Advantage

For women’s conferences, retreats and career development events

Women bring key advantages to the workplace, but they also face specific challenges. In this keynote, Sally shares what she has learned in 22 years of working with women leaders around the world to help participants recognize the power of what they have to contribute and form an action plan to address the hurdles they still face.

Sally’s approach to working with women leaders has always been positive and optimistic–– her best-selling classic The Female Advantage was the first book to focus on what women have to contribute instead of how they need to change and adapt. Continuing to focus on opportunity, Sally highlights the reasons that women’s gifts are particularly suited to the demands of today’s workplace. These skills include:

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From Diversity to Inclusion

For diversity, inclusion and innovation conferences and employee resource group events

Diversity defines the talent base in organizations today—both demographic diversity and diversity of values. Yet organizations still struggle to engage the best talents of diverse employees in meeting core strategic and business needs. As a result, diversity efforts remain silo’d, internally focused and underleveraged.

In this keynote, Sally draws on 17 years of work with diverse teams around the globe to show how organizations can engage the full talents of all employees in meeting marketplace demands by creating the conditions in which inclusive leadership can thrive. Recognizing that inclusion is not an ideal but a practice, she demonstrates how to define, encourage, model, mentor, measure and reward inclusive behaviors.

Sally articulates the specific leadership competencies that support inclusive teams. These include:

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