Fast Forwarding The Female Advantage

Fast Forwarding the Female Advantage

For women’s conferences, retreats and career development events


Women bring key advantages to the workplace, but they also face specific challenges. In this keynote, Sally shares what she has learned in 22 years of working with women leaders around the world to help participants recognize the power of what they have to contribute and form an action plan to address the hurdles they still face.

Sally’s approach to working with women leaders has always been positive and optimistic–– her best-selling classic The Female Advantage was the first book to focus on what women have to contribute instead of how they need to change and adapt. Continuing to focus on opportunity, Sally highlights the reasons that women’s gifts are particularly suited to the demands of today’s workplace. These skills include:

  • Building and managing relationships
  • A bias for direct communication
  • Leading from the center rather than the top
  • Comfort (as opposed to tolerance) with diversity
  • The ability to integrate work and life and draw information broadly

Sally also shows how marketplace trends of the last two decades have supported women’s skills and brought them into the mainstream:

  • As organizations seek to connect directly with customers and clients
  • As new architectures of technology supports webs instead of hierarchies
  • As the global economy expands the pool of diverse talent and markets
  • As 24/7 intensity requires greater work-life integration
  • As teams and partnerships become the dominant unit of work

Challenges remain, however, and this program will provide women with actionable ways to meet them by:

  • Claiming greater visibility for their contributions
  • Building an extended network of support that can be leveraged
  • Setting boundaries to protect their effectiveness and creativity

Participants in this program will walk away with:

  • Practical ways to increase their visibility within their organizations
  • Proven techniques for dealing with colleagues who overlook or diminish their contributions
  • Simple but powerful practices for mitigating distraction and stress
  • A plan for enlisting support at every stage of their careers
  • A map for positioning themselves as change agents

Acting on The Female Advantage can be delivered as a one hour keynote or developed as a two-hour workshop customized to meet participant’s needs. This topic is particularly effective with front-line women, women at mid-career, and women who work on sales teams.