The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work

"The Female Vision : Women's Real Power at Work" written by Sally HelgesenWomen see the world through a distinctive lens. What they see is defined by what they notice, what they value, and how they connect the dots. The Female Vision is the first book to explore the nature and power of women’s way of seeing.

In the book, my co-author Julie Johnson and I draw on multiple strands of research to identify the elements that comprise women’s distinctive ways of seeing. These include:

  • Broad spectrum and radar-like notice
  • Seeing the broader social context
  • Valuing intrinsic satisfaction over abstract measures of achievement

“The Female Vision” sets forth specific ways in which women can draw on their vision to tap their strategic leadership power.

These include:

  • Articulating what you see
  • Using it as a distinctive point of branding
  • Enlisting allies based on the power of your vision
  • Framing what you see so others can understand
  • Leveraging your relationships instead of just building them
  • Holding yourself accountable for acting on your strengths
  • Being present for what you see and what you want to contribute

Finally, the book shows how organizations can use an understanding of women’s vision to retain talented women and better serve female markets.

This requires:

  • Valuing diverse ways of knowing and perception
  • Encouraging mindfulness
  • Supporting webs of inclusion
  • Respecting the power of empathy

The Female Vision is an unprecedented work of research, but it’s also an actionable handbook for women seeking to realize their greatest strengths and for organizations wanting to benefit from what women have to contribute.