Watch Sally’s Women’s Leadership Videos and Interviews

The videos presented here offer an introduction to some of Sally’s key concepts. You will find these clips valuable whether you already hold a leadership position or simply seek to improve your leadership skills.

Inclusive Behaviors Leaders Must Practice

Tune in to the latest episode of Love in Action! Join me and Marcel Schwantes as we dive into the fascinating world of triggers and inclusive behaviors that every leader must practice. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!

Women In Leadership: Fireside Chat

In this “fireside chat” with Caroline Codsi, Founder and President, Women in Governance, Sally shares her perspectives on women’s leadership, women’s leadership programs in organizations, how women rise and much more.

The Female Leader’s Edge

In this interview with Stefanie Mockler of The Female Leader’s Edge, Sally and Stefanie discuss all sorts of topics, from how Sally launched her career, to cultural differences she has observed in traveling and speaking on this topic, to the value of focusing on “meritocracy” in our organizations. The interview is chock full of practical advice, guidance, and stories that should help us all continue to develop.

On Leadership Presence

Sally Helgesen talks about the power of presence at the Navigant Women’s Conference.

Keynote: Women 4 Women Luncheon

Clip from Sally’s keynote at the annual Women 4 Women luncheon in The Grand Ballroom, Galt House East, Louisville, KY, September 17th 2010.