Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Women's leadership consulting and coaching - Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen offers individual coaching to a limited number of senior women seeking to prepare themselves for top leadership positions and exercise greater influence in their organizations and the world.




Her women’s leadership consulting and coaching practice is designed to help clients:

  • Articulate the contribution they wish to make as leaders
  • Identify points of alignment between their individual goals and their organization’s strategic needs
  • Develop a plan for managing themselves, their peers, and their senior managers in order to achieve their goals
  • Leverage potential allies in a highly intentional way
  • Hold themselves accountable for creating the change they seek
  • Cultivate a more powerful and balanced leadership presence

Client outcomes include:

  • Increased energy and sense of purpose
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Stronger strategic alliances
  • Expanded cultural influence
  • Enhanced visionary capacity
  • A greater sense of authenticity on the job

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