Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching for Team Excellence and Engagement

In 2014, Sally began offering peer coaching programs for organizations seeking to create cost efficient means for furthering individual leadership development while also strengthening teams.

She is also adapting this as a vehicle for membership associations and colleges seeking a powerful tool for alumnae engagement.

A variety of resources will appear on this page soon. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Sally directly at moc.n1532117823esegl1532117823ehyll1532117823as@yl1532117823las1532117823.

In general, peer coaching provides a means for individuals and/or team members to provide one another with structured coaching over a pilot period of 90 days.

Primary peer coaching goals include:

  • Breaking down silos and team boundaries
  • Strengthening connections across locations by expanding water cooler conversations among employees
  • Embedding a development mindset by focusing these conversations on skills, strengths, partnerships and optimal behaviors
  • Increasing participant skill in giving and receiving feedback, a key competency in building resilient teams
  • Helping participants connect personal development goals with team goals
  • Serving work/life integration by linking the personal to the organizational
  • Getting people invested in one another’s success and growth