Tapping the Power of The Female Vision

A keynote for women’s conferences, retreats and events

Women’s distinctive vision— the power of what they notice, what they value, how they connect the dots–  offers a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace. Yet because women’s ways of seeing have not been recognized or understood, women’s potential to make strategic contributions is rarely fully engaged.

In this keynote, Sally draws on insights from two decades of groundbreaking research to help women use the power of what they see to position themselves as visionary leaders.

Using vivid examples, she provides a clear blueprint that shows women how to:

  • Articulate a strong vision based on what they most authentically notice
  • Frame their intentions in a language that compels attention and respect
  • Enlist allies who support what they are trying to achieve
  • Hold themselves accountable for their own progress
  • Build the strong presence that visionary leadership requires

Sally also shows how organizations can make better use of women’s visionary capacity to:

  • Develop information about internal and external relationships, shifting markets, and potential conflicts
  • Analyze data in a comprehensive and nuanced way
  • “See around the corners” to anticipate future business needs
  • Make decisions that address both long and short term goals
  • Improve customer experience at every point in the transaction

Participants will come away from this program with:

  • Enhanced understanding of what they have to contribute to their organizations
  • Tools for increasing their visibility and influence
  • Practical ways to leverage relationships rather than just build them
  • A proven means for strengthening their webs of support among both men and women

 Acting on The Female Vision can be delivered in formats ranging from a 45-minute keynote to a half day seminar. The major practices also provide rich material for breakouts or workshops that follow on from the keynote and adapt well to frame the conversation for panels of women leaders.

Sally has delivered customized versions of this content for women in financial services, health care, technology, consumer products, partnership firms, associations, media companies, educators and non-profits.