Leading in 24/7

For strategic leadership conferences

Today’s volatile, complex, and highly pressured 24/7 global marketplace is upending what organizations expect from leaders. In this program, Sally offers a comprehensive picture of the forces driving this change.

Drawing on her work in sectors ranging from military security to energy innovation, and on updated case studies for The Web of Inclusion and Thriving in 24/7, Sally shows how five intersecting trends are transforming organizations and helps leaders understand how to act on these insights.

Sally outlines the big 24/7 challenges leaders will face in the years ahead:

  • The impact of “ubiquitous connected transparency” on how people operate and what they expect
  • The erosion of traditional barriers that defined the industrial workplace
  • The impact of ever-more targeted niche—in markets, but also internally
  • The competition-driven demand to achieve more with less in increasingly urgent timeframes
  • The need to build sustainability amid constant change and endemic uncertainty

Sally identifies four practices that enable successful leaders to meet thrive in this environment and shows participants how to use them to strong advantage.

  • Developing the capacity to “see around the corners” by drawing information from the broadest possible base
  • Fostering the formation of internal webs that develop strategic information at every level
  • Leading people with very different values, perceptions, goals and life experience in the pursuit of a common purpose
  • Building self-renewing cultures that also help individuals to self-renew

Participants in this program will:

  • Gain valuable insights into how diversity, complexity, and speed impact their own experience and opportunities for leadership
  • Learn specific behaviors and actions that can position them for leadership in a time of rapid change
  • Develop ways of assessing information that lead to better decisions, increased contribution, greater visibility, and higher morale
  • Learn to help foster a less frantic, more intentional working environment in their unit, division or company

Leading in 24/7 is suitable for a keynote, workshop or half-day seminar.