Visionary, Connected, Intentional & Present: A Workshop for Women Leaders

For women’s leadership conferences and events

A Workshop for Women Leaders: Visionary, Connected, Intentional & Present

In this seminar or workshop, Sally offers concrete, actionable practices for women seeking to position themselves for the next level of leadership, strengthen their professional reputation, showcase their talents, increase their capacity to contribute to their organizations and diminish stress.

Sally’s work with women leaders around the world has demonstrated that women who sustain power and influence share four characteristics. They are visionary, connected, intentional and present.

To be visionary means to concisely articulate a distinctive vision, passion, point of view or commitment based on what you authentically notice and to manifest it as part of your personal brand

To be connected means to confidently leverage internal and external networks in order to enlist support for your vision, based on the recognition that its benefits will be both worthwhile and reciprocal

To be intentional means being able to distinguish what to embrace and what to let go as you move to a higher level and assume more responsibility in the world

To be present means exhibiting leadership presence by being fully in the moment, a balancing act that requires setting policies around how you use time and technology in order to improve the quality of human interactions

This workshop for women is optimally delivered in two segments.

The first segment is a 45-minute interactive presentation that shows how cultivating these capacities can help women at every level improve the quality of their lives at work. This session mixes original content, fresh research, brief case studies and lively Q&A.

The second segment is a 90-120 minute workshop that gives participants a chance to explore and practice key capabilities and gain a clearer idea how specific techniques could benefit their career development. Skills explored include building a persuasive and memorable elevator speech, identifying and engaging a strong web of influence and support, leveraging the power of peer coaching in order to make specific practice improvements and holding space in order to cultivate presence under pressure.

Specific objectives for the program include helping participants to:

  • Articulate a clear, concise and authentic vision
  • Frame what they see in the language of benefit
  • Enlist allies who can assist them in acting on their vision
  • Identify what behaviors they need to embrace and what behaviors they need to let go of to move to the next level
  • Create a personal accountability system
  • Build a stronger and more distinctive leadership presence

Participants will come away from this presentation with:

  • An enhanced understanding of what they have to contribute at a more senior level
  • Practices that foster more intentional and productive career development
  • A means for strengthening their personal webs
  • Techniques for enhancing their leadership style
  • Guidelines for protecting their creativity and maintaining morale