What Are Global Gurus?

In February of this year I learned that I had earned the #18 spot on the 2019 list of Top 30 Global Gurus (2020 update: I’m #6!) in the Leadership category. What an honor! What is Global Gurus? Global Gurus is a research organization that selects remarkable leaders who make an impact. In their judging, … Read more

Best Business Books 2017: Leadership

This year’s three best business books on leadership are fresh, persuasive, and arresting. Rooted in experience and rigorous data, new work by Sam Walker, Chris Fussell and Susan David supports a timeless and intuitive truth: that excellence is defined by the human values of flexibility, humility, and the courage.

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Helping Women Leaders Plot their Next Career Move

In the fall of 2017, twenty senior women gathered for a weekend retreat in Manhattan to discuss their upcoming career transitions. Several had worked for the government, others were from the private sector. All had just retired or were planning to do so. Eager to put their lifetime of skills to work, they had come together for a program called Mission: Getting to Next (MGTN).

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Best Business Books 2016: Talent & Leadership

This year’s best business books help to answer the question, “Is leadership an art or science?” While more studies and data improve our understanding of leaders and leadership, has it improved leadership quality? These three books offer answers to these questions and provide insights that are relevant to our everyday lives.

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Hugh Herr Wants to Build a More Perfect Human

Hugh Herr at the MIT media lab

Computer scientist, mechanical engineer, and biophysicist Hugh Herr and his team create superior prosthetics that respond to subtle neural commands. A double amputee himself, Herr benefits from the improved functionality and fit while improving the lives and outlook of others around the world.

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