Frances Hesselbein’s Merit Badge in Leadership

As CEO of The Girl Scouts, Frances Hesselbein transformed the organization from a venerable but relatively staid institution promoting civic and homemaking skills into a vibrant, diverse one that emphasizes leadership, science, technology, and math. Who does she credit with her inspiration? Peter Drucker.

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The Business Beat

Law enforcement organizations and leaders of large corporations don’t often look to each other for ways to improve company culture. Yet in this case, corporate leaders could learn a thing or two from those who patrol the streets. John Katzenback theorizes that the success of the “broken windows” approach to reducing urban crime could provide some valuable lessons.

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At Most Tech Firms, the C-Suite is Still a Boy’s Club

Many organizations are devoting more resources to attracting and retaining women with leadership potential. Then why are we seeing many of these women leave prematurely, step off the leadership track, and not progress as quickly or high as was hoped?

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The Mother of All Off-Sites

Skilled leaders inspire people to open themselves to new and challenging experiences. René Redzepi, owner and chef of Noma, did just that when he moved his entire staff of 66, from waiters to line cooks, to a restaurant he opened temporarily in Tokyo, Japan. The lessons he learned are instructive to leaders of all kinds.

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Peer Coaching as a Tool for Culture Change

What does it take to be successful at changing the culture within an organization? In this article I address the subject of peer coaching, an inexpensive and underutilized tool. When each member of a peer coaching pair acts as resource for the other, it provides them with a forum, a process, and a means of support.

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